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About IDOR


All supplies and services procurement opportunities with the state of Illinois are now available to participating vendors electronically. Central Management Services (CMS) uses the Illinois Procurement Bulletin (IPB) to provide information about procurement opportunities with the state.

The Illinois Procurement Bulletin home page allows vendors to obtain general information, visit the online forum, read frequently asked questions and answers and access notices posted by agencies at this site. The Illinois Procurement Bulletin is a free subscription to vendors. To register for this free subscription, click on Registration. Registered vendors will be allowed to download solicitations and receive e-mail for new solicitations, addendums and award notices. However, vendors who are not registered are only allowed to browse through the site. If you have questions regarding access or registration to the Illinois Procurement Bulletin, please contact the Illinois Procurement Bulletin Help Desk (CMS), at 217-557-5695.

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IllinoisBID Procurement Search Instructions

To search for Illinois Department of Revenue contracts click on “Notices – Open and Closed” at the left of the main white content area of the IllinoisBid page (link below). Then click on Sort by: “Agency” at the top of the main white content area of the page. If there is any information about procurements available for the Illinois Department of Revenue, it will be posted under “Rev”.



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