Welcome to the EZ Dec Portal

The project team members from the City of Chicago, Cook County and the State of Illinois have implemented the EZ Dec application and it is now available for use.

To visit the EZ Dec application, click here.

What is new in EZ Dec

Recently we have implemented expanded editing capacity to make it easier for users to correct errors on their declarations. From now on, if a declaration is taken beyond the stages where edits were originally intended--after creating or accepting the declaration but before closing it--users from the account that accepted the declaration will still be able to edit portions of the declaration. These edits will also be possible if a declaration has been rejected by the County. In addition, the County now has the capacity to undo a rejection once the necessary edits have been completed, allowing the corrected documents to be recorded.
This enhancement will provide two major benefits. First, it will now be easier for users to record their documents—formerly needing to rely on the EZ Dec Project Team to correct errors that weren’t caught before the declaration was closed, users will now be able to make many of these edits from their own computers, courtesy computers provided in government offices, or from compatible mobile devices. The ability to complete edits even after closing will allow for a more efficient recording process in cases where errors exist. Secondly, the reduction in edit requests will enable the Project Team to spend more time working on new features and enhancements, streamlining the declaration process, and improving application performance, taking into account our own experiences and comments we’ve received from conversations with users and from the feedback survey users can access from their dashboard.
For more information about this enhancement, please contact the EZ Dec Project Team at 312-74-EZDEC or ezdecproject@cityofchicago.org.
New edits possible:

  • Escrow, Buyer/Seller Info
  • Property Address, Associated Pins

Statuses where new edits apply:

  • Closing Completed
  • County Rejected
  • Deed Rejected
What is EZ Dec?

EZ Dec is a website where attorneys, title companies and individuals can file real property transfer tax declarations online.

EZ Dec will initially be implemented for Chicago and Cook County property transactions, and will replace the following real property transfer forms:

  • City of Chicago form 7551 – Real Property Transfer Tax Declaration
  • Cook County Real Property Transfer Declaration
  • State of Illinois – PTAX 203, 203A and 203B

EZ Dec will also replace stamp machines used by title companies to purchase and print transfer stamps.

The EZ Dec project is sponsored and funded by the City of Chicago, Cook County and State of Illinois.  It was created with the goal of improving Illinois’ real-property transaction processes and providing a thoughtful use of taxpayer dollars.

Step 1 - Register in EZ Dec

When entering EZ Dec for the first time, you will be asked to register an EZ Dec account.   An EZ Dec account can be an individual, a company office/location, or an entire firm.  How you set up and maintain your account is entirely up to you. 


Three things you should know about EZ Dec registration

1. Registration is a one time activity.  After registering, you can create an unlimited number of declarations

2.There is no fee to register in EZ Dec or to create declarations. 

3. No private or personal information is required to register (i.e. SSN and/or FEIN are NOT necessary).


After setting up your account, you can invite additional users (employees or partners for example) who will also be creating declarations.


For detailed information on how to register an account and maintain users, please view the training module below.  For additional training, click on the Getting Started - Training link in the Main Menu on the right.

Register & Invite Users Training

How to register for an EZ Dec account and invite additional users to access it.