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MyTax Illinois

Form ST-556 can now be filed electronically using MyTax Illinois, our new FREE online account management program. If you have not already done so, you will need to activate your account by clicking on the "Sign up Now!" button at

Click here to go to MyTax Illinois to file your return online

Computerized Vehicle Registration (CVR)

The Secretary of State works with service providers Computerized Vehicle Registration (CVR), and Electronic License Service (ELS) to allow vehicle dealers, remitters, financial institutions and currency exchanges to process license plate renewal stickers and registrations onsite using the Electronic Registration and Title program (ERT). Dealers and remitters can issue license plates as well as process the following title transactions using the approved CVR system:

  • Title and Registration
  • Title and Transfer of Plates
  • Duplicate Title
  • Corrected Title
  • Duplicate/Corrected Title
  • Title Only
  • Salvage Title
  • Junking Certificate
  • File and pay ST-556

Please note that CVR is the only service provider approved at this time to process the above title transactions. Service providers CVR, and ELS have been approved by the Secretary of State to process plate renewal stickers and registrations. For more information about the ERT program, please call Secretary of State at 217-524-5119.

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