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Electronic Funds Transfer letters (IDOR-50-E-1) recently mailed

A letter titled “Taxpayer Notification, Electronic Funds Transfer” has been mailed to taxpayers who recently exceeded the legal threshold for making electronic payments.

We mailed this letter to you to notify you that electronic payments are now required  - even if you have already been making electronic payments voluntarily.

For most taxes, electronic payments can be made easily using one of the electronic payment options on our website (see e-Services).

Form EFT-1 is enclosed with the IDOR-50-E-1 letter. You must complete Form EFT-1 only if you choose to sign up for the electronic payment methods of ACH credit, Pay-by-phone debit, or Direct file debit, or if you need to correct your banking information for these methods. (Form EFT-1 should not be completed if you are paying through other electronic methods.)

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