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General Information

The Electronic W-2 transmittal is a program that requires payroll providers and employers with 250 or more employees to transmit W-2 and W-2C returns using the Social Security Administration's EFW2 and EFW2C format. Payroll providers who file payroll returns and complete W-2s for employers of any size and any employer that has 250 or more employees are required to participate as stated in 86 IL Adm. Code Section 100.7300(b)(2).

Employers who do not meet the above requirements but wish to electronically file W-2s are strongly encouraged to register and electronically transmit their files.

Steps to electronically submit your W-2s with Illinois

  • Obtain your ETIN (Logon ID) and test and production passwords using the Transmitter Registration.  Allow 1 business day for your ETIN to become active. Note: If you previously registered, your ETIN and passwords remain valid and do not register again.
  • Transmit your file using one of the following transmittal options:
  • Log into our Acknowledgement Retrieval application 30 minutes after you submit your W-2 file to see whether the file was accepted or rejected.
  • If your file is listed as a production file and it was accepted, you are finished!  If it was rejected, review any errors present, correct your file, and resubmit until it is accepted.
  • W-2 files must be accepted no later than March 31, 2014.

Please note:  Illinois will NOT accept .PDFs or Excel spreadsheets containing W-2 data. You will not receive a “Rejected” acknowledgement for files in this format.  Your filing requirements are not met until you receive an “Accepted” acknowledgement from Illinois.  Please refer to the file specifications if you have questions about the correct file format.

Transmitter Registration

Transmitters will be required to register with us to obtain or register a Logon ID (ETIN) and receive test and production passwords if they do not already have a Logon ID and passwords.


File layout requirements, program information, and contact information are available in The Form W-2 and W-2C Electronic Filing Specifications guide. 

Transmitting your W-2s

Illinois now offers two different options for transmitting your W-2s, the Electronic Transmittal Upload or the HttpsPost Utility Program.

The Electronic Transmittal Upload  allows users to log in using the ETIN (Logon ID) and password obtained through the Transmitter Registration, browse for the W-2 file, and upload it using a web upload page.  This method does not require a software download and is the easiest method available. 

The HttpsPost utility program transfers files to and from the Illinois Department of Revenue's (IDOR) Gateway via the internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. The utility runs as a 32-bit application under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8.  Installation consists of simply copying the executable file, HttpsPost.exe, to an empty directory or folder.

Acknowledgement Retrieval

Acknowledgement retrieval is critical to ensure your file has been accepted. There are two different methods available for retrieving your Acknowledgements. You may either log back into the gateway utility program and retrieve a Detail Acknowledgement2 file or you may log into a user-friendly web application that provides an overview of whether your file was accepted or rejected and the specific errors for any rejected files. If no acknowledgement is present after 24 hours, please contact us for assistance.


We will begin accepting test transmissions of W-2 data on November 1.  When online registration was completed, a User ID (ETIN), test password, and production password was provided to you.  The test password is used to transmit test files to IDOR.  To submit a test file you will use the same HttpsPost Utility program that you will use to submit your production files (you may download this program below from this web page).  Any information transmitted using the test password will be treated as test data and will not be considered “live” data.  We strongly encourage each transmitter to upload test files and check their acknowledgements until the test file is accepted.

Social Security Administration

Visit the Social Security Administration's web site for more information about the EFW2 and EFW2C program and to download SSA specifications at:
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