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Section 100.2465 Sections 100.2465: Claim of Right Repayments (IITA Section 203(a)(2)(P), (b)(2)(Q), (c)(2)(P) and (d)(2)(M))
  1st Notice Begins 05/20/2016
  1st Notice Ends 07/05/2016
  2nd Notice Begins 08/09/2016
  Formal JCAR Meeting 09/22/2016
  Final Rule Adopted 10/12/2016
Section 100.5060, 100.5100, 100.5130, and 100.7035 Section 100.5060: Reportable Transactions,
Section 100.5100: Composite Returns: Eligibility,
Section 100.5130: Composite Returns: Required forms and computation of Income,
Section 100.7035: Nonresident Partners, Subchapter S Corporation Shareholders, and Trust Beneficiaries (IITA Section 709.5)
  1st Notice Begins 04/15/2016
  1st Notice Ends 05/30/2016
  2nd Notice Begins 09/19/2016
  Formal JCAR Meeting 10/11/2016
  Final Rule Adopted  
Section 100.5215 Section 100.5215: Filing of Separate Unitary Returns
  1st Notice Begins 05/13/2016
  1st Notice Ends 06/27/2016
  2nd Notice Begins 09/22/2016
  Formal JCAR Meeting 10/11/2016
Room 600C, Michael A. Bilandic Building, Chicago, IL
  Final Rule Adopted  
Section 100.8010 and 100.9400 Sections 100.8010 and 100.9400: Application of Return Overpayments Against Estimated Tax Obligations
  1st Notice Begins 03/25/2016
  1st Notice Ends 05/09/2016
  2nd Notice Begins 09/19/2016
  Formal JCAR Meeting 10/11/2016
  Final Rule Adopted  
Section 110.160 Section 110.160: Multi-township Assessment Districts
  1st Notice Begins 07/08/2016
  1st Notice Ends 08/22/2016
  2nd Notice Begins 09/08/2016
  Formal JCAR Meeting 09/15/2016
  Final Rule Adopted 10/11/2016
Section 120.5 and 120.10 Section 120.5: Transfer Declaration and Supplemental Information
Section 120.10: Procedures for Revenue Stamp Sales to Counties
  1st Notice Begins 08/26/2016
  1st Notice Ends 10/11/2016
  2nd Notice Begins 10/17/2016
  Formal JCAR Meeting 11/15/2016
  Final Rule Adopted  
Section 130.340 Section 130.340: Rolling Stock
  1st Notice Begins 07/29/2016
  1st Notice Ends 09/12/2016
  2nd Notice Begins  
  Formal JCAR Meeting  
  Final Rule Adopted