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Part 1000 - Invest in Kids Act (Emergency Rules)

Section Name
1000 Table of Contents
1000.100 Definitions
1000.200 Program Overview and Award of Credits
1000.250 Electronic Notice and Filing Requirements; Books and Records
1000.300 Scholarship Granting Organization: Approval to Issue Certificates of Receipt
1000.400 Taxpayer Contribution Authorization Certificates
1000.500 Scholarship Granting Organizations: Issuance of Certificates of Receipt
1000.600 Scholarship Granting Organizations: Issuance of Scholarships
1000.700 Qualified Schools Responsibilities
1000.800 Custodian and Student Responsibilities
1000.900 Scholarship Granting Organizations: Reports
1000.1000 Scholarship Granting Organizations: Annual Recertification; Revocation
1000.A Illustration A - The Five Regions of the State of Illinois