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Annual Taxpayer Location Address List

How is this list produced?

The annual taxpayer location address list is produced for each municipal and county government. The state has been divided into 12 zones with lists for one of the zones produced each month. The lists are sent to the attention of the municipal or county clerk.

To determine which zone includes your unit of local government, please see the map of the reporting zones and a schedule of the zone and month in which the list is produced.

What information is provided on this list?

In general, the list contains those active businesses that are registered as conducting retail sales within your taxing jurisdiction.
Specifically, the list contains the following information:
  • Illinois business tax (IBT) number
  • Sequence number
  • Type of filer
  • Business name (DBA) as well as the owning entity, if it is different
  • Street address of each retail outlet within your jurisdiction as provided to us by the retailer. Permanent Location (PL) changing location (CL) and no fixed address (TL) type filers will reflect the address of the taxpayer’s principal place of business.
  • Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC)
  • Special notations
    • address not yet available
      This filer has not yet responded to our requests for street address.
    • temporary sales location
      Although this taxpayer has permanent places of business in other taxing jurisdictions, intermittent retail sales are conducted in your jurisdiction.
    • accounts receivable

Although this business is no longer active in your location, local sales tax is still being reported for your taxing jurisdiction.

Note: You can request an updated taxpayer listing throughout the year. This list contains information similar to the information found on the annual taxpayer location address list. Requests should be sent to the following address;
Telephone: 217 785-6518

Can you request the list for a neighboring local government?

Yes. If you are a municipality, you may request a copy of a list produced for a jurisdiction that borders yours, of the county government in which you are incorporated, or of a municipality having a similar name to your own. (For example: Wilmington located in Greene County could request a copy of the list produced for Wilmington in Will County, or Palos Park could request a copy of the report produced for Palos Heights or Palos Hills). If you are a county government, you may request copies of all municipalities incorporated within your county, as well as jurisdictions that border yours.

The copy will be equivalent to the latest list sent to the unit of local government.

What is the Illinois Department of Revenue's responsibility?

We must maintain this information and submit comprehensive lists to you. We publish two different types of notification involving taxpayers that are within your jurisdiction.

A list of the various forms of notification follows:
  • annual taxpayer location address list (RIS702-01)
  • monthly municipal/county verification letters and accompanying lists (IDOR-50-L-1M)