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Confidentiality of Sales Tax

Can you receive information on the sales tax receipts of businesses located within your taxing jurisdiction?

By law, all information received by the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) from sales tax returns is confidential. We cannot release information regarding individual taxpayer (retailer) reporting. We can make available reasonable statistics by grouping the contents of returns so that the information for any individual taxpayer is not disclosed.

For example, you may request to know how much sales tax was reported by a list of four or more comparable businesses, such as four restaurants operating within your taxing authority. We will review the list to determine if we can release the information.

Whenever possible, we will provide information for a

Financial reporting of this nature is available on an as needed basis and will be compiled as time and staff permit.

How do you request financial information?

In order to do so, the retailer must send the department a written authorization stating