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2013 Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Forms

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Name Description
IL-1041 Instr. Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Return (includes Schedule D) (R-12/13)
IL-1041-V   Payment Voucher for Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax (R-12/13)
IL-1041-X Instr.
Amended Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Return (includes Schedule D) (R-12/13)
IL-1041-X-V   Payment Voucher for Amended Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax (R-12/13)
IL-56   Notice of Fiduciary Relationship (R-12/13)
IL-477 Instr. Replacement Tax Investment Credits (R-12/13)
IL-505-B   Automatic Extension Payment (R-12/13)
IL-516-I and
  Pass-through Prepayment Vouchers and Instructions. (N-12/13)
IL-1000 Instr. Pass-through Entity Payment Income Tax Return (R-12/13)
IL-1000-E   Certificate of Exemption for Pass-through Entity Payments (R-12/13)
IL-1000-V   Payment Voucher for Pass-through Entity Income Tax (R-12/13)
IL-1000-X Instr. Amended Pass-through Entity Payment Income Tax Return (R-12/13)
IL-1000-X-V   Payment Voucher for Amended Pass-through Entity Income Tax (R-12/13)
Instr. Special Depreciation (R-12/13)
IL-4644   Gains from Sales of Employer’s Securities Received from a Qualified Employee Benefit Plan (R-12/13)
Sch. CR Instr. Credit for Tax Paid to Other States (R-12/13)
Sch. F Instr. Gains from Sales or Exchanges of Property Acquired Before August 1, 1969 (R-12/13)
Sch. I Instr. Income Received (R-12/13)
Sch. K-1-T   Beneficiary's Share of Income and Deductions (R-12/13)
Sch. K-1-T (1)   Instructions for Trusts and Estates Completing Schedule K-1-T (R-12/13)
Sch. K-1-T (2)   Beneficiary's Instructions (R-12/13)
Sch. M Instr. Other Additions and Subtractions (for businesses) (R-12/13)
Sch. NLD Instr. Illinois Net Loss Deduction (R-12/13)
Sch. NR Instr. Nonresident Computation of Fiduciary Income (R-12/13)
Sch. 80/20 Instr. Related-Party Expenses (R-12/13)
Sch. 1299-B Instr. River Edge Redevelopment Zone or Foreign Trade Zone (or sub-zone) Subtractions (for corporations and fiduciaries) (R-12/13)
Sch. 1299-D Instr. Income Tax Credits (for corporations and fiduciaries) (R-12/13)
Sch. 1299-S   Enterprise Zones, Foreign Trade Zones, and Sub-Zones (R-12/13)
Sch. 4255 Instr. Recapture of Investment Tax Credits (R-12/13)