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Reminders for the 2013 Electronic IL-1040


Acknowledgment retrieval requirement

Transmitters are responsible for retrieving electronic IL-1040 acknowledgments. Illinois provides a separate acknowledgment for each IL-1040, and these acknowledgments should be retrieved on a continuous basis. You should not assume the IL-1040 is an accepted return based on the acceptance of the federal return. Refer to the Business Rules for more details.

Federal/State retransmission
If the state packet of the federal/state MeF transmission is rejected by IRS, the electronic IL-1040 return can be retransmitted providing the software being used supports the transmission of unlinked (state-only or standalone) returns.

Form IL-8453 retention
Electronic Return Originators (ERO) are required to retain all original Forms IL-8453, Illinois Individual Income Tax Electronic Filing Declaration, and the supporting documents at their site for a three year period. All non electronic forms, schedules, and support items that are used to produce an electronic IL‑1040 return must be attached to Form IL-8453. We will periodically request selected IL-8453 forms for inspection. However, we ask that you do not send any IL‑8453 forms to the Illinois Department of Revenue unless requested.

Electronic funds withdrawal (direct debit) payment option
Taxpayers who owe additional tax on their 2013 IL-1040 may pay the amount they owe by directly debiting their checking or savings account. Taxpayers may also use this payment option by visiting our website at The number of tax professional clients that are currently using this option to pay their balance due amount is 15% but is low compared to 72.1% of WebFile/MyTax Illinois taxpayers. Please encourage your clients to use this option.

International ACH transactions
The State of Illinois does not support international ACH transactions

IDOR will only directly deposit refunds into accounts located within the United States. If a taxpayer’s financial institution is located outside the United States, a paper check will be issued instead of directly depositing their refund.

Payments: IDOR will only directly debit a taxpayer’s account if the financial institution is located within the United States. If a taxpayer’s financial institution account is funded by international funds or is located outside the United States, they must choose another payment option.

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