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Disclaimer: The Illinois Department of Revenue does not administer property tax. It is managed by the local governments including cities, counties, and taxing districts. If you are a taxpayer and would like more information or forms, please contact your local county officials.

Notice: The Illinois PTAX-203, Real Estate Transfer Declaration Fill-in Form program will be available after March 1, 2017 but only for those Counties that are not currently utilizing the MyDec system.

Property Tax E-Services

  • NEW!! MyDec at MyTax Illinois - used by individuals, title companies, and settlement agencies to submit, approve, or reject Real Property Transfer Tax Declarations (replaces the EZDec system).
  • Property Tax District Webfile - For county officials, our Property Tax District Webfile Program is a quick and easy way to file your Form PTAX-270 and Form PTAX-256.  You may also view the Taxing Districts currently on file with the Department for your County